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Founded on the principles behind “Martin Holm Innovation” from 2014, Mentoring+ has been at the forefront of innovation and mentoring since its inception in 2021. Led by Martin Holm Mortensen, our involvement spans from the Next Business Generation in Nottingham, UK, via IMPACT Growth in the EU, to the Tech:Match Tourism initiative in Denmark.

For Public and Private innovators: Whether you're keen on promoting growth, innovation, or sustainability within your industry, we're here to assist. We provide support in designing and executing programs, as well as workshops, mentoring, and training sessions. Our team boasts over a decade of experience in startups and innovation.
For Startups: We provide the boost you need to identify your product-market fit. Offering advice, training, and mentoring tailored to fast-track your journey towards a fit, pivot, or exit, our team consists of experts who've lived the startup life firsthand.

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